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Exercise book

An exercise book filled with supportive exercises to improve your compulsories. With trainers tips and most important focus points, but there’s also left space to fill the book with your own personal exercises or notes! So you’ll have everything wrapped up together in one book!

Available as E-book or hardcopy! (Also available for those who aren’t a member!)

What’s at Vaulting Academy

Russian Flexibility training

Russian flexibility training by Ksenia Loktionova. It's a flexibility training split up into several parts, so it's easy to take a training which fit's the best for you.

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Mental training with Mentability Sportpsychology

Amy Verhagen is a sports psychologist and international vaulter! She likes to share her knowledge to help vaulters and lungers to become mentally stronger.

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Freestyle exercises

Various freestyle exercises are discussed with tips, tricks and supporting exercises.

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Lunging Course

A lunging course by Nienke de Wolff, she's an international well-known lunger.

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Vaulting – ‘The basics’

A basic course put together by Nienke de Wolff. Aimed at trainers and voltigeurs in basic sport. In this part, the first exercises of the compulsory exercises are discussed.

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Vaulting – ‘The Basics – Part 2’

The second part of the basic course in which the other compulsory exercises are discussed.

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Here you'll find individual lessons from international trainers and vaulters. Super interesting and with a wide variety of topics!

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To perform well in vaulting you have to make sure you are physically fit. We have put together different workouts for this, per subject.

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I love vaulting academy because it is giving me access to information that I otherwise would not be getting at this time during the pandemic.


This is a fabulous platform for vaulting! The videos are excellent and it’s easy to play them on my phone while working with vaulters – we can view and make sure that we have the positioning, grips, etc just right for doing the moves.

Trisha Dowling (Canada)

I think it’s really fun and useful! A good addition to my workouts.

Annika (NED)


7 steps – From practice to competition

7 steps – From practice to competition

Every athlete, every coach & everyone around will say that being able to perform the exercises (together with your horse) is the most important thing to excel in vaulting. Learning, practicing and mastering those exercises / skills is the basis for every training....

How to build a freestyle

How to build a freestyle

How to build a freestyle A question often asked by many vaulters! And it IS hard.. to build a freestyle from scratch! So, let's help you out with this problem! We've made a list with some tips for you to make is easier to build your freestyle, or in case you're a...

Most important training for the mount

Most important training for the mount

The mount is a difficult exercise, but an important one because it is the first exercise you should show at a competition. In the lower classes of the competitive sport it does not matter much, because you can get help with the mount and it is not included in your...

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Find the answer to the most frequently asked questions here. Is your question not listed? Send us an e-mail via the contact form!

What will I get when I enter Vaulting Academy?

Here you will find a lot of explanation videos, exercise videos but also complete workouts. In addition, you will find a lot of information such as technical explanations and there are downloads available that you can use during the training sessions. You can also submit videos for feedback.

How do I become a member?

If you go to the page ‘become a member’ you can choose between different memberships. For example, you can choose a monthly or an annual subscription. During the checkout you create your account with which you can log in again whenever you want.

How does the payment work?

During checkout you can choose a payment method. The first time you have to pay manually and with that you give Vaulting Academy permission to collect the follow-up payment. When that is depends on your type of membership!

Can I cancel my subscription?

Of course you can cancel your membership yourself whenever you want. This can be done via the ‘my account’ page. There you can see when your subscription will run and you can cancel it yourself. There will be no more cashing.

Is there always new information on Vaulting Academy?

Yes, the basic course is ready and extra content is added every week, such as master classes or extra training videos. It is never finished!