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Online training & Community

Our mission is to supply resources and training techniques for the discipline of vaulting; to assist new trainers and clubs, to invigorate vaulting coaches with fresh information, and to establish an online hub for the vaulting community.

Download one of our e-books

Our E-books are designed for trainers and vaulters, with different topics! 

E-book #1 Compulsories

Our comprehensive guide is a must-have for any vaulting coach. It provides detailed exercise descriptions and a proven training method to improve technique and better understand athletes. This essential tool will undoubtedly improve your coaching skills and help produce better vaulters. Order now to take your coaching to the next level.

E-book #2 Warm up

Warming up before any physical activity is of utmost importance as it helps to prepare your body for exercise, minimizes the risk of injury and sets you up for an enjoyable routine. In collaboration with the experienced trainer Carolyn Bland, we have compiled a list of 99 different exercises that provide a comprehensive guide to warming up effectively. The guide is accompanied by pictures for each exercise, making it incredibly easy to use during training.

E-book #3 Exercises

This e-book contains over 350 exercises and is comprised of 104 pages full of strength exercises, ground, barrel, and horsetraining exercises that will take your training to the next level. It is easy to use for both coaches and vaulters.

What to find at the academy

The academy offers a wide range of educational resources aimed at providing individuals with comprehensive knowledge of the discipline of vaulting. These materials encompass various aspects of vaulting, including techniques, and training methodologies.

Whether you are a novice seeking to understand the fundamentals or an experienced vaulter looking to refine your skills, the academy’s diverse collection of resources ensures that you have access to the information needed.

Online community

Where vaulters, coaches & lunger can interact with eachother, share information & ideas.

Video trainings

Members can join the available videotrainings. About techniques, Freestyles, how to run a club, how to start with vaulting, lunging and much more.

Order books

Order our vaultingbooks: Compulsory guide, let's warm-up.

My objective is to bridge the gap in the exchange of information within the vaulting world. I recognize that there are talented vaulters and dedicated coaches out there who, due to their location or circumstances, do not have the opportunity to tap into a solid knowledge base. This realization led to the creation of our academy, a beacon for those seeking to expand their vaulting horizons. We are not just a repository of information; we aim to be a thriving hub for collaboration and growth. To that end, we warmly invite coaches from all corners of the globe to join us in this endeavor. By uniting our strengths and sharing our collective insights, we can elevate the practice of vaulting to new levels of accessibility and excellence. If you share this vision and have knowledge to contribute, or if you're simply curious to learn more about our collaborative efforts, I encourage you to get in touch.
Nienke de Wolff

How to start with vaulting?

Are you in the process of launching a vaulting club, or are you an experienced coach seeking guidance on topics such as equipment, horse training, fundamental techniques, and more?

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