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Improve your compulsories

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The basic guide of the compulsories. With technique explanation, biomechanics, training method and much more… explained in details!

For vaulters and coaches who’d like to improve the compulsories.

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This training is free for members (just get access by ordering the training for €0.00) 

A drill bible, with compulsory drills on the floor, barrel and horse! This book will have over 150 exercises to improve your comps! 

In collaboration with Carolyn Bland (USA)

Drills to improve your compulsories!

Get extra tools

Downloads available

There are downloads available from nearly each workout. So after watching the workout, you can easily print and seal the workout sheets and bring it to your training! 

More than 250 videos

You can access more than 200 tutorials, videos, and other materials in the academy. There is a wide range of topics covered including training techniques, workouts, vaulting-specific strength training, flexibility drills, mental health, and so on.

"It is designed for those who wish to train more effectively, efficiently, and improve their training methods. "

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Our training books

We have compiled all of our knowledge into training books. A great resource for vaulters and coaches. Books come in a variety of types. We’ve just released our latest book, the compulsory guide, which takes you through every compulsory exercise step by step!

"The books can be purchased by anyone. Members of tha Vaulting Academy get a discount"

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Average temperature increase boots

In 2017 researchers from Institute of pathological physiology, University of Veterinary Medicine and Pharmacy in Slowakia published the article: “CHANGES IN TEMPERATURE OFTHE EQUINE SKIN SURFACE UNDER BOOTS AFTER EXERCISE” The results in this research are clear, and this is

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Members - Other

FEI Calendar

The FEI Vaulting Calendar for CVI’s can be found here. The print date is 03/01/2023. For any changes, find the calendar here: Download here

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Welcome to the first message in the members area.We’re going to share information, tips and tricks with you here! Stay tuned!

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New workouts online

There are new workouts online – available as download. You will find them in the compulsory course by each compulsory exercise. There’s a clear description of how to execute the exercise, with trainers tips. Looking for a special workout? Let

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