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About Us

The founder of Vaulting Academy is Nienke de Wolff from the Netherlands. In her home village Wapse, she runs the stable DeWolff Vaulting & Sporthorses. She’s training horses and vaulter up to the highest level, in both dressage and vaulting!

Her wish is to spread knowledge about vaulting to make it more accessible for vaulters from all levels, from all over the world. 

She tries to keep the membership as low as possible, but we do have to pay for the site, the plugins, the learning system and for all the contributors. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to share knowledge around the world, make is accessible for everybody, everywhere! We have several trainers who already contributed to vaulting academy, namely:

  • Carolyn Bland (USA)
  • Mhairi Hume (GBR)
  • Flo Rubinger (USA)
  • Daniel Janes (USA)

We’re always looking for contributors. Want to work with us? Contact us please!


For any inquiries please email