The mount is a difficult exercise, but an important one because it is the first exercise you should show at a competition. In the lower classes of the competitive sport it does not matter much, because you can get help with the mount and it is not included in your score. But from the higher classes, the mount does count. What is the most important thing to be able to do a good mount, you might ask? Well, that’s jumping power! If you can’t jump very well, you will never be able to mount well! Then you might be able to train really hard so that you can dive over the handles and make a ‘triangle’, but if you can’t jump that high at all, you can’t do that either! Therefore, it’s good to keep practicing your technique, but the most important thing is that you can jump well. How can you improve your jumping power? For example by: Rope skipping Jump on a block and make it higher and higher. Make sure that this is stable so that it remains safe You can do squads to get stronger in your legs and butt Calf training: Stand with the front of your feet on an elevation (such as a step) and lower your heels down as far as possible so that your calves are properly stretched. Then you stand on your toes. In the basic module of Vaulting Academy you will find even more exercises to improve your jumping power! Do you have any questions? Ask them below!